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Champions Deck


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Jack Labrador Champions Deck: Because "Boring" Isn't in Our Vocabulary

Tired of the same old card games? Meet the Jack Labrador, your family's new best friend. Perfect for moms hunting for a game that doesn't induce yawns and college students seeking a break from, well, everything else.

Why You'll Love It:

  • One Deck, Three Games: Play Motor City Showdown, Spell My Name, and Pink Slip.
  • Competitive: Non-stop 2-4 player action.
  • Versatile Gameplay: Includes 110 cards and 3 games.
  • Age-Friendly: Suitable for ages 8 and up.
  • Strategic Depth: Perfect balance of strategy and quick action.
  • Classic Design: Time-honored deck design for lasting appeal.
  • LabraCoin with Unique ID#
  • Champions Club eligibility

Elevate your game collection and enjoy endless fun with the Jack Labrador Champions Deck!

Become the world's 2nd Greatest JACK LABRADOR card game deck.

Bob Javenous says:

  • A true collector’s item to cherish forever
  • Showdowns, knockouts, and heads up challenges
  • Multiplayer hand-to-hand combat
  • Classic, fast action, fun for family and friends
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist

Train hard, play often.
-Bob Javenous

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